Sports BettingTo enlighten you in regards to which sporting activities have the highest volumes of cash wagered on them we have put together the following to 10 sporting bets guide, you will find a complete listing on all of the sports which attract the highest volumes of cash plus you will also find several featured online sports betting sites.

Should you be interested in placing a sports related wager on any of the following sports then make sure you review and take a look at the websites of our featured sports betting sites, for new customers of each of the listed Sportsbooks and bookmakers sites will be able to pick up lots of free bets and free betting bonuses.

Crickets Bets One of the most popular sporting events from abetting point of view are Cricket Matches, held all over the world throughout the years you will never find any shortages in available betting opportunities attached to the game of Cricket!

Soccer Bets – With the interest in Soccer never reducing you are going to find a huge, and we do mean huge number of ways to place a bet on the outcome of any Soccer match, and this is one of the most bet on sports in the world!

Golf Bets – You may be surprised to learn that betting of Golf is a huge pass time for a lot of people, and as such there are plenty of different kinds and types of Golf bet that can be found online at all of our featured sports betting sites. So if you have a passion for Golf then why not increase your pleasure of the sport by placing a few wagers on your own personal favourite Golfer?

Horse Racing – The sports of Kings that being Horse Racing has always been and probably always will be one sport that attracts some very large volumes of cash via the available betting markets, with horse races held every year somewhere in the world then picking horse races to bet on is easy, picking the winner of any race may not be that easy though!

Lottery Bets – Whilst not a sport we just have to include Lottery betting onto this guide, for thanks to many online sports betting sites now offering odds on you selecting and correctly predicting any amount of numbers to be drawn out of many worldwide lottery draws machines then the number of people placing Lottery reacted bets is on the increase the world over!

NFL Bets – A lot of people in the US and in fact in many different countries enjoy nothing more than having a few best and wagers on NFL matches, and as such there are going to be plenty of odds and matches to be bet on and taken on all up and coming NFL matches.

Boxing Bets – With the number of available Boxing matches never reducing in number there are more than enough betting opportunities always available in regards to the sport of Boxing, so if you are a fan then why not put some cash down on your favourite Boxer and profit when they win any match!

Rugby Bets – You can bet on Rugby Union matches as well as all Rugby League matches no matter where they are being played, simply visit any of our listed betting sites dotted around our website for a comprehensive breakdown of the many different types of Rugby related bets and wagers that you can place online, you will be amazed at just how many different kinds of Rugby bets there are!

Baseball Bets Another hugely popular sport is Baseball and with the number of people now wagering on this sport then if you wish to also have a wager on any up and coming Baseball match then visit any of our featured sports betting sites for a large and very diverse range of Baseball betting opportunities.

Motor Racing Bets – There is always global interest when any Motor Racing event is taking place and with F1 Racing being a popular sport for many people then it goes without saying a lot of online Sportsbooks will now offer some fairly comprehensive betting markets on all Motor Races held all over the world.

Best Sporting Betting Sites

Below are three of our top rated sports betting sites, should any of the above sports be of interest to you and if you fancy placing small or large wagers on any up and coming sporting fixture or sporting event then the following sites are definitely the betting sites we would suggest you place those wagers at!

  • Bet365 – Always a site that you can depend on to give you the biggest range of betting opportunities we just know that Bet365 are going to live up to and always surpass your expectations. No matter what sporting event you wish to be on and when you will find their betting markets open and waiting for you.
  • BetFred – We have always rated the BetFred betting site very highly and the reason it is one of the most outstanding online betting sites is quite simple, they give away more betting bonuses and betting consolation bets that any other online betting site, and as such locking in excellent value when betting online is always possible!
  • Players Only – Should you be looking for a great betting site that caters for US sports bettors then do head on over to the Player’s Only Sportsbook for they have everything an online sports betting is seeking including some of the largest betting bonuses.