Novelty BetsLet us now guide you through the amusing and often bizarre world of unique and novel betting markets that are on offer at all of our featured sports betting sites, as you are about to find out there are plenty of unique bets on offer and a while array of betting sites where you can place these kinds of bets and wagers!

  1. Snow at Christmas – One of the most placed novelty type bets is whether it is going to snow at Christmas time, you are able to pick one of several different locations and get odds offered on it snowing at that location any time of Christmas Day and if it does you will have placed a winning bet, if of course you have placed such a wager and named that location as at least one flask of snow will falls on December the 25th.
  2. Number One Song – One popular bet is for you to try and predict what song will be number one at Christmas time, as you would expect there are always going to be plenty of betting opportunities with so many different singers and groups hoping to take the number one spot in the charts at Christmas time!
  3. X Factor Winner – If you have been watching X Factor and are convinced one of the entrants is going to win it then why not back up your prediction with a bet, if that act goes on to win then not only will they be celebrating but you will be doing so too with your X Factor winner bet winnings!
  4. Britain’s Got Talent Winner – The UK’s Britain’s Got Talent show is one of the funniest shows you can watch on television during the audition rounds, however when the competition gets down to business and the final entrants are chosen you will be able to place a bet on just which one of them you think is going to win the National Talent show!
  5. Strictly Come Dancing Winner – Another television game show that you can have a bet on is Strictly Come Dancing, all of the entrants will have odds attached to them and you need to pick the one who is going to win!
  6. Big Brother Winner – There are Big Brother shows held all over the world and as such when this popular television reality show returns to your television screens at various times of the year then you will be able to pick any one of the big brother contestants that you think is going to win the title of the winner of that particular big Brother show.
  7. Election Specials – Plenty of Elections are held all over the world throughout the year and you will find that you can place a bet on any up and coming scheduled election and pick the political party that you think will win any election and therefore end up getting into power in the country where that election is taking place!
  8. Royal Betting Opportunities – You will be able to place a bet on the Royal Family, however there are plenty of different types of bets you can place on them including who will be the next Royal to marry or even divorce along with whether any one member of the Royal Family will have a baby, and if they do announce a pregnancy then you can bet on the sex of the unborn child along with the name which will be given to the Royal Baby when it is born!
  9. Pope Betting – There are several different types of bets and wagers that you can place associated with the Pope, and whilst you may find it a little bizarre to place a wager on what the Pope is going to get up to or do these types of bets will always be guaranteed to add a little spice to whatever he does or doesn’t do!
  10. Nobel Prize Winners – There are often many awards ceremonies held throughout the year on which many different people are nominated, however the Noble Prize winners are always worthy of their awards and if you have an inclining in regards to who you think is going to be awarded a Noble Prize then make sure you check out what odds are on offer on that person, for it is often those outsiders and people you never thought of who get awarded the Nobile Prize.

Best Novelty Betting Sites

The following online betting sites listed below all have a wide and very comprehensive range of novelty bets on offer, and as such if any of the above listed unique bets and wagers has caught your imagination then feel free to checkout any of the following fully licensed and regulated Sportsbooks and betting sites.

  • Betfred – Plenty, and we do mean plenty of the world’s most unusual and very unique betting opportunities are going to be on offer to you when you visit the BetFred betting site plus a generous sign up bonus is also going to be coming your way if you start to bet at their state of the art online sports betting site!
  • William Hill – The William Hill sports betting site is another excellent Sportsbook that can always be relied on to give you more than enough betting opportunities on any type of sporting event, however their unique betting markets also offer plenty of the unique betting opportunities that spring up throughout the year!
  • Sky Bet – One final betting site that is going to offer you a whole slew of very unique and often amusing novelty type of bets and wagers is the Sky Bet Sportsbook, visit their website now and follow the links of their unique betting markets and if you like the look of any of them then you are of course free to take the odds on offer!