Formula 1There will be a lot of interest in the 2014 Drivers’ Championship for during the season the thrills and spills associated with motor racing always ensures not only is motor racing a great sport to watch but your viewing pleasure can always be increased significantly by you having a small or even a large wager on the drivers who are going to win the most events.

With this in mind we would like to present to you a listing for the currently available odds on which driver is going to win the 2014 Drivers’ Championship, be aware these odds are going to change as the 2014 season gets underway, and this is where you should place your bets nice and early, ideally now to secure the odds on offer.

For reference the following odds are available at our top rated betting site that being is Sky Bet Sportsbooks but they are subject to change at any time so do checkout the Sky Bet site for their currently available odds as those listed below may have changed.

You will be able to place a wager on any of the following drivers to win the 2014 Drivers’ Championship outright or you can now also bet Each Way, and Sky Bet are offering odds of one fifth the odds listed below if any driver listed is placed in the top three positions of the 2014 Drivers’ Championship

  1. Sebastian Vettel – The favourite to win the 2014 Drivers’ Championship is of course Sebastian Vettel, there is a lot to like about his driving and racing style however the odds of him winning the title are quite restrictive currently as those odds are just 6/5.
  2. Lewis Hamilton – The second favourite driver to win the 2014 Drivers’ Championship is of course everyone’s favourite driver Lewis Hamilton, and by getting your bets and wagers place now you should be able to take odds of 4/1 on him winning the title.
  3. Fernando Alonso – The third favourite driver to take the 2014 Drivers’ Championship is Fernando Alonso, plenty of sports bettor have him pencilled in as s potentially profitable bet and who can disagree with those sports bettors for his currently on offer odds to win the title are a very appealing 9/2!
  4. Kimi Raikkonen – There will be a lot of smart Money on Kimi Raikkonen to win the 2014 Drivers’ Championship and if you like the looks of his chances then take full advantage of the currently available odds of 9/1.
  5. Daniel Ricciardo – It may be worth your while placing a small Each Way type of wager on Daniel Ricciardo to get placed in the 2014 Drivers’ Championship, for with his odds currently being 16/1 then getting a fifth of those odds is he is placed will see you making a profit even if he doesn’t manage to win the title but get placed instead!
  6. Nico Rosberg – If you fancy the chances of Nico Rosberg then the current Odds of 22/1 do seem quite attractive and remember you will get a fifth of those odds if you place an Each Way bet and he is placed in the top three positions of the 2014 Drivers’ Championship!
  7. Jenson Button – He is one of the outsiders currently with Odds of 25/1 but there will be no shortages of sports bettors will to take those odds in the hope that Jenson Button manages to take the Championship title in 2014.
  8. Kevin Magnussen – Not the most fancies driver to take the 2014 Drivers’ Championship it has to be said but he will have many fans hoping he can manage to do just that, and if you fancy his chances then it will pay dividends for you to grab the currently on offer odds of 33/1.

  9. Romain Grosjean – Some very tempting odds of 40/1 are on offer for Romain Grosjean to win the 2014 Drivers’ Championship, and if you think he is going to do just that then snap up those odds are quickly as you can for they are sure to become lower should he suddenly find racing form!
  10. Pastor Maldonado – The odds of Pastor Maldonado may put you off placing a bet on him, but as you know anything is possible during the racing season, and if you do fancy his chances then make sure you grab the currently on offer odds of 50/1!

Best Motor Racing Betting Sites

Below are some other betting sites in addition to Sky bet Sportsbook who always can be relied on to offer a range of betting markets on all Motor Racing events no matter in what part of the world those races are held.

Betfred – You should have plenty of available Motor Racing betting opportunities available to you at the BetFred betting site and not only will the odds be quite generous but thanks to their huge sign up free bet offer additional betting value can be had when you sign up and start to bet at the BetFred sports betting site!

William Hill – Make sure another online and mobile betting site that you checkout thoroughly before you place any kind of Motor Racing bet is the William Hill Sportsbook site.

They always have been known as a very sports bettor friendly site and as such additional betting value can be had by checking out their Motor Racing betting markets and taking advantage f any enhanced odds and any free bets they currently have available to both new and existing customers of their, we do rate them highly and as such it will be worth your while taking a look over their website.