Horse RacingIf you want to place a bet on any horse race held anywhere in the world then there are plenty of ways that you can place such a wager, and no shortages in regards to the actual number of betting sites that offer betting markets on horse races.

With this in mind below we have compiled a complete and definitive listing to the top 10 horse racing bets and wagers and also we have highlighted a few betting sites that are renowned for their generous horse racing odds.

Have a good look though this guide for you will not only find exactly the type of horse racing related bet you may be looking to place today or in the future but you will also find a betting site at which to lace those kinds of wagers and will also find a betting site offering you some very generous betting odds and betting bonuses!

  1. Single – A single is a bet on which just one horse is selected and you need to see that horse then go on to win its race to be guaranteed a winning payout at the odds you took before the race got underway.
  2. Double – This is a bet on which you pick two horses and both must win for you to receive a winning payout.
  3. Treble – A Treble bet in one on which you pick three different horses in three different races and all three must win for you to be paid out a winning payout!
  4. Accumulator – Any number of horses can be chosen on an Accumulator type of bet, the winnings roll over from the first one onwards and all must win for you to get a winning payout.
  5. Straight Forecast – You will have to pick a horse to come first in any race along with the horse you think will finish second in the same race when placing a Straight Forecast type of wager.
  6. Tricast – Tricast bets are simply one single bet on which you list three horse all competing in any one single horse race, you need to select the horse you think will finish in the first three positions in that horse race, and if they finish in the order you selected you will receive a winning payout as per your staked amount and the announced Tricast dividend which is announced after the race has been run.
  7. Each Way – You place two bets on one betting slip when placing an Each Way horse race wager, you need to see the horse either win its race to get a winning payout or to be placed in one of the placed positions in a race to get a winning payout, the place part of the bet is paid out at a percentage of the actual win odds that were on offer on that horse.
  8. Yankee – You will be placing a total of eleven bets when placing a Yankee bet, you pick four horses and they are covered in six doubles, four trebles and one single accumulator type of bet.
  9. Lucky 15 – A Lucky 15 horse racing wager is very similar to a Yankee bet however what makes it slightly different is that you also get four single bets included in this wager which is why there are 15 bets in total on this bet types as opposed to only eleven on a Yankee type of bet.

    The actual fifteen bets are four single, four singles, six doubles, four trebles and one fourfold accumulator.

    It is worth us noting that should you be interested in place one of these Lucky 15 Bets then do take a look at those betting sites listed further down this web page, for when you place a Lucky 15 bet at all of them you will find a range of bonus payouts offered to you when placing any Lucky 15 Bet, this bonus information can be found on the betting help guides on those respective betting website so do take a close look at them for those bonuses can boost you winning payout on all Lucky 15 Bets!

  10. Lucky 31 – This is a bet on which 31 bets in total are placed, you pick five different horses in different races and they are all permed together as such: Five singles, ten doubles, ten trebles, five fourfold wagers and one single five horse accumulator

Best Racing Betting Sites

Here are the top betting sites that offer all new customers free bet along with some of the best odds on offer on all up and coming horse races, these betting sites really are the bets ones available online and as such should be the sites you sign up to and start to bet at!

  • Betfred One of the ultimate and best online betting sites is the one available from BetFred, thanks to their generous betting bonuses which include best odds guarantees and enhanced betting odds then you will always be getting the maximum value from all horse racing related bets and agers you place here. New customers do get a truly massive sign up bonus, so visit the BetFred website now for full details!
  • William Hill – You will find plenty of ways to instantly be able to place any kind of horse racing related bet at William Hill, you can walk into any of their betting shops, bet on their online betting site, phone them up or even place a wager on their mobile betting site or via their mobile betting app!
  • Coral – Being a very popular land based betting shop operator then it does of course go without saying that a huge array of generous betting odds and betting markets are going to be offered to you at the Coral Betting site, make sure you checkout their website for details of their free bet offer available to every single new customer singing up to their online betting site.