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There are of course huge numbers of online sports betting sites all of which will shower you with bonus offers and free bets, however once you take a close look at the actual value attached to many of these promotional offers you will realise they offer no value and if anything will simply tie up your deposits by high play through type requirements.

However, should you be on the lookout for an online sports betting site that is going to offer you a very constant stream of bonus betting opportunities, free bets and plenty of consolation type bets then you need to be checking out the BetFred betting site.

BetFred has rightly got the nick name “The Bonus King” and this has been earned over many decades of actual land based betting shop operating, where BetFred have always offered better bonuses than any other land based betting operation.

Having turned their attention to the online betting environment a number of years ago they have carried forward their reputation for giving their customer more than any other online Sportsbook, and as such if you really are seeking the ultimate betting experience coupled with a huge number of ongoing bonuses then do keep on reading for the BetFred betting site is the site for you, as this review of them will reveal!

Betting Opportunities

Let us take you through the many unique betting opportunities that are only ever going to be found at the BetFred betting site, be aware this listing is in no way, shape or form exhaustive, and as such you need to checkout their website yourself for a complete listing of all of their value packed betting opportunities.

Goals Galore Betting – Should you be a Soccer fan and love nothing better than placing soccer related wagers then the BetFred range of Soccer betting coupons are going to be right up your street. They have one called the Goals Galore coupon and this is your chance of simply picking out a range of up and coming soccer matches, and if at least one goal is scored in each match then you are guaranteed a large cash payout!

BetFred also have a range of other unique Soccer coupons and plenty of soccer related consolation bets,, and these can often guarantee that even if your bet loses, if the consolation rule is successful then you get your money back!

Best Odds Guaranteed – Another outstanding feature of the BetFred betting site is that every single morning of the week, without fail, they chalk up on their website arrange of horse races on which they will guarantee to give you the best odds.

If you take an early price on any runner in any of these best odds guaranteed races and the odds on your selected horse increases in value, the BetFred will give you those higher odds!

Why Join the Betfred Betting Site?

If you need a few more reasons why you should sign up at the BetFred betting site right now then allow us to highlight several reasons why that would be the best decision you have made today!

Free Bet to New Customers – Right from the get go you will be starting your betting career at the BetFred betting site with some free cash, this is done via their new customer free bet offer, simply place a wager and win, lose or draw BetFred will offer you a free bet to the same value as that very first bet you placed.

The terms and conditions by the way of this free bet offer are very straight forward and more importantly very fair and they can of course be found on the BetFred betting website so do take a look!

Same Day Payouts – One thing that the BetFred betting site offers which we doubt you will find offered anywhere else is their same day winning payouts. BetFred’s in house team of cashiers work around the clock and as such will always aim to get any winning cash outs sent back to you the very same day as you request them.

Odds Boosted in Value – Make sure that you never are forced to make any compromises when you are looking to bet online, for many betting sites have become famous for tightening up the actual odds on a lot of their betting markets!

One thing that is going to be instantly noticeable when you take a look at any of the daily special betting opportunities listed on the BetFred betting site is that a lot of the payout odds have been boosted in value, and as such the over rounds on many of the BetFred available betting markets is very low indeed!

Mobile Betting Options – Thanks to BetFred making some huge investment in regards to their mobile gaming and mobile betting platforms, should you wish to place a wager when you are not at home in front of your computer or laptop then you are able to do just that

You will find there are now several unique betting Apps on offer at the BetFred betting website and these will let you place a wager on absolutely anything that BetFred offer odds on!

Lottery Betting – The BetFred betting site has recently launched their very own stand along Lottery betting site, and as such you are now instantly able to place a wager on absolutely any worldwide lottery draw that is about to take place.

You can pick as little as one number that you think will be drawn out of any lottery machine and one thing that BetFred will always guarantee to you is that their Lottery betting odds are the highest in the industry!